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“I have tried so many other online platforms before and I’ve never had a teacher that really cared the way Ms. Elkins does. She gives us so many ways to contact her with questions and is always there and so responsive. My kids love the classes and I love the feedback she provides. I would only change one thing: I would clone her! A world full of teachers like Ms. Elkins would truly change the world for the better. I have 7 kids who take all of their core classes from Ms. Elkins and we could not be happier. The classwork is always engaging and exactly what they need to learn. This time, they took Executive Functions which has made a HUGE difference. My kids clean and organize their rooms on their own! They do laundry and homework and chores. No more yelling or constant reminding. This was the best investment I have made for my family’s happiness and my children’s future!” by Judy S. on Sep 20, 2018 about Executive Functions, Study Skills, and Goal Setting for Pre-Teens and Teens


“I’m going to be completely honest. I had a terrible experience with another online class venue; the teachers were not qualified and, because it was a marketplace, the awful quality wasn’t something the people in charge cared about. So, when a friend recommended Heartfelt Homeschool, I had really high standards because I didn’t want to let the same things happen again. I’m so glad I decided to try! Ms. Elkins is a great teacher. She’s warm and caring and always ready to jump in and help. I signed my daughters up for a “fun” class…and it was very fun, but we ended up learning SO MUCH. All of us! This is a hands on interactive class so expect your kids to be energized and excited to learn more after each lesson!” by Emily J. on Sep 20, 2019 about Hogwarts for Muggles: Professor Sprout’s Herbology


“I’ve been looking for something fun for my daughter that wasn’t boring. I found Ms. Elkins on Instagram and instantly, the Harry Potter classes caught my eye. We have taken every single one she’s offered and are enrolled in classes beginning in January! The teacher is super engaging and makes learning fun. I didn’t even think about forming the connections she has between Harry Potter and all of these classes. My daughter’s favorite has been Arithmancy, but every class has been so great. Canvas is also wonderful for organization. I’m a college professor and we use the same LMS where I teach, so I know it’s good quality. I think the classes are all so worth the investment: this isn’t just a smoke and mirrors class to entertain kids. They really, really learn while having fun. Ms. Elkins is amazing!” by Ashley L. on Sep 20, 2018 about Hogwarts for Muggles: Hermione Granger’s Successful Study Skills


“The class uses a Harry Potter theme that engages the children. My two boys aged 10 and 12 really enjoyed the ‘magic potion’ making as well learning the science behind it. Learning is always best when it’s fun!” by Jo on Sep 20, 2018 about Hogwarts for Muggles: Professor Snape’s Potions Class


“My son just loves these classes the teachers is fun and thoughtful. He looks forward to every lesson. Thank you Ms Elkins” by Ellory M. on Sep 20, 2018 about Hogwarts for Muggles: Professor Snape’s Potions Class



“These classes are amazing. What a GREAT way to teach kids about solid, liquids and gas–ice cream, Harry Potter and a game. What could be better. Thank you so much for making learning fun. ” by Shasta B. on Sep 19, 2018 about Hogwarts for Muggles: Professor Snape’s Potions Class


fbsbx (1).jpg

“So much fun, really engaged my child, I was very surprised and pleased. This was our first class and we will definitely be doing more!!!” by Gabe B. on Sep 17, 2018 about Hogwarts for Muggles: Professor Snape’s Potions Class


fbsbx (2).jpg

“My son says “This is the best class ever. I recommend it to all Harry Potter fans. Thank you!” Great content. Interaction with the teacher and other students was clear and easy. Very nice teacher Also!” by Suzanne N. on Sep 13, 2018 about Hogwarts for Muggles: Professor Snape’s Potions Class



“This may have been our best online experience yet! The 30-minute class was perfect for our schedule, the weekly topics had my son excited every class, the material covered was interesting for his curious mind, and the connection to the world of Hogwarts was enjoyable. Ms. Elkins also seemed to have a great balance between letting the students speak and reining them in. Thumbs up!” by Jenn S. on Sep 11, 2018 about Hogwarts for Muggles: Professor Vector’s Arithmancy Class (Numbers and Logic)


purple-happy-smiley.png “The Potions class was a brilliant introduction to some chemistry ideas. Two of my girls sat the class and are raving about it! They especially loved the Harry Potter slant! Thank you!” by Aria on Sep 11, 2018 about Hogwarts for Muggles: Professor Snape’s Potions Class


“I was hesitant about any class that claims to teach tolerance, but this one was very different. The teacher did not push her own agenda or views. She taught students how to truly debate. They were able to decide for themselves, by themselves; the teacher guided them on how to find reliable information but didn’t push a topic. She also taught them about looking at the other point of view. Time and time again, I’ve seen changes in my son. He finished this class in April and still uses what he learned in this class on a daily basis. This was the best class he’s ever taken! Highly recommend!” by Stacy T. on Sep 9, 2018 about Debate Club: Teaching Critical Thinking, Logic, and Tolerance


“‘I like this teacher. She was nice and I learned a lot. I didn’t know I could learn things like verbs from Harry Potter. I hope I can take more classes with her.’-Emilia, 12 years old. I am so impressed with this teacher’s wide range of knowledge. She is extremely intelligent and so kind. My daughter really enjoyed the class and almost cried when I told her it was the final class. She is now pointing parts of speech out to us. Coming from a child with autism and epilepsy who has never spoken out loud (or even in chat) in another online class before, this is so huge to me! I’m amazed!” by Catherine on Sep 1, 2018 about Hogwarts for Muggles: Professor Flitwick’s Charms


“Deciding to homeschool my kids was a huge undertaking. When my son was 4, he started reading. When he entered kindergarten, he suddenly hated reading and refused to read. We tried for 2 years with reading specialists and various people who did nothing but take my money and produce zero results. It was devastating to hear, repeatedly, that my son may never want to read again. Public school crushed his love of reading, and that crushed me. My daughter wanted to take this class. My son seemed interested so I signed them both up but I really didn’t expect my son to do much, if anything. Something changed, with this teacher. My son began reading again. He has not willingly read anything for over 4 years. Nothing. He wouldn’t read a cereal box! He LOVED the activities like spy ink and stuff, and he actually read the entire book in two days. Then…he read it again. He has started picking up bigger books! This class, more specifically this teacher, has renewed his love for reading. I cried when I saw him reading. I cannot believe it. Love, love, love Miss Elkins!!” by Lori C. on Aug 30, 2018 about Spy School is in Session: Liar and Spy Novel Study


“My kids are 9, 10, and 12 and they all don’t like to write. I don’t either so I understand that. I put them in the class because it met all the state requirements and my kids liked the other classes with this teacher. This class really blew me out of the water, though. I did not expect my kids to write as well as they did. They learned so much and completed a writing portfolio without any help from me. The teacher did all the work! This was a full year for around $400 per kid and man oh man was it worth every penny! My kids learned, work was done correctly, and I didn’t feel all the pressure to do it all myself. They are signed up for Ms. Elkins future classes too!! Great investment in your child’s education and your own mental health for sure!” by Greta D. on Aug 26, 2018 about ELA, Composition, and Literature Upper Elementary Full Year Curriculum 

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“The teacher was engaging and kept my daughter interested through out the whole class. Since this was a Harry Potter themed class my daughter was extremely interested from the minute go. She has just gotten into Harry Potter so some of the other kids new more of the story line and charms and spells from the books, however she still enjoyed the class. She is very shy so her participation was low, but this was her first online class.” by  Felicity on Aug 23, 2018 about Hogwarts for Muggles: Professor Flitwick’s Charms


“Kids learned about the latin words that make up the spells in the Harry Potter series. They also were able to pick 2 latin words to combine and make up their own spells. My daughter enjoyed it!” by Ellie M. on Jul 30, 2018 about Hogwarts for Muggles: Professor Flitwick’s Charms


“My daughter loved this class. The teacher is patient , and fun. The assignments teach an enjoyment for math.” by Kusama R. on Jul 27, 2018 about Hogwarts for Muggles: Professor Vector’s Arithmancy Class (Numbers and Logic)



“Love this teacher and her classes. My daughter takes a lot of Ms. Elkin’s classes. Looking forward to more!” by Renai R. on Jul 9, 2018 about Young Scientists: Early Elementary (Semester Course)



“Emily loved this class! The experiments were amazing!” Michele L. on Jul 5, 2018 about Hogwarts for Muggles: Professor Snape’s Potions Class



“Such a fun approach to such an important topic. We’re taking away many ideas and tools that will continue to help us on our journey toward positive outlooks and a growth mindset :)” by Heidi on Jun 30, 2018 about Hogwarts for Muggles: Professor Lupin’s Defense Against the Dark Arts


“I don’t homeschool my children, however we love Harry Potter and being creative. We decided to try this class as a fun activity together and it completely exceeded our expectations. We had so much fun, and we learned a ton! I would definitely like to try more classes with this teacher. My kids are amazed they got to talk Harry Potter with kids from around the world. So much fun!” Joanna D. on Jun 8, 2018 about Hogwarts for Muggles: Your Acceptance Letter has Arrived–Welcome to Hogwarts!


“My daughter loved the class and looked forward to it every week! Ms. Elkins was wonderful and we will definitely be looking for other classes she teaches.” by Lucy C. on Jun 7, 2018 about Dungeons and Dragons: Using Role Playing Games for Education (Level 1)



“As a parent of a child with special needs, I believe the teacher did an excellent job of redirecting all of the students. However, there was one student who was extremely aggressive and disruptive, and although his parent found his behavior funny, none of the rest of us did. Despite the teacher’s best efforts, the child continuously disrupted the class and tried to take over to make himself center of attention. This wasn’t a teacher issue, but instead, a parenting one. My child enjoyed the class greatly and is excited to take it again, but we hope this time, parents ensure their children behave appropriately! This is a great way to learn to explore imagination and be creative with fantasy writing while learning how to play an exciting game with someone who always has something fun and unexpected planned which challenges children to think critically and logically!” by Michele L. on Jun 6, 2018 about Dungeons and Dragons: Using Role Playing Games for Education (Level 1)


“A fun way to learn science. My daughter enjoyed it very much. She would take photos of what she was doing in class and share them with her friends. They were all envious of what she was doing and how. I like that is was very hands-on even though it was an online course.” by Sheila M. on Jun 4, 2018 about Hogwarts for Muggles: Professor Snape’s Potions Class


“This is a great class: my daughter’s Occupational Therapist even followed along with the material to work with my daughter as reinforcement of the concepts she was being taught. Plus, it got her out of bed on Saturday mornings! ;-)” Cassie L. on Jun 2, 2018 about Executive Functions, Study Skills, and Goal Setting for Pre-teens and Teens

purple-happy-smiley  “The teacher was kind and upbeat every class. She was on time and prepared every class. She would read through the two chapters, answering questions on the outline given to each student and allowing children to answer the questions also.” by Amanda on May 30, 2018 about Unicorns Galore: The Sky Unicorn Novel Study and More!


“This was the first novel study that Suki has ever selected to take and she loved it. The teacher is engaging, challenging , enthusiastic and encouraging. ” by Kusama R. on May 25, 2018 about Unicorns Galore: The Sky Unicorn Novel Study and More!



“My daughter had hit a wall with math. She hated it. She cried every time it was time to work on math skills. But from this first class, she loved it! She loved the teacher, content and experience. This was a wonderful experience!” by Lauren on May 17, 2018 about Project-Based Foundational Math for Lower Elementary: Active Learning Course


“”I loved it. I liked doing math and I just liked all the classes. I liked Prodigy.” -J (7 years old)” about  Project-Based Foundational Math for Lower Elementary: Active Learning Course



“This class paired well with our MBtP unit on The Witch Blackbird Pond. Ms Elkins is one of our favorites. Looking forward to spending next school year with her!” by Shannon R. on May 10, 2018 about The Salem Witch Trials: Socratic Method/Active Learning Course for Tweens/Teens



“My 12 yo LOVED this class. He had really wanted to learn to play D&D but we knew no one who played so this was the perfect fit for him. He says it’s a great class for anyone interested in role playing and character creation. He can’t wait for the level 2 to start. The teacher was fun and encouraging and knew a lot about D&D.” by Erin on May 7, 2018 about Dungeons and Dragons: Using Role Playing Games for Education (Level 1)


“Very good information for helping kids manage time, organize, and focus on goals. They were given a variety of techniques and examples of planners, checklists, logs, and study guides. I think this will be very helpful for my son as he moves into more challenging classes in middle and high school. He has already become more aware of how he can affect his outcome on schoolwork and responsibilities at home.” by Bridget D. on Apr 22, 2018 about Executive Functions, Study Skills, and Goal Setting for Pre-teens and Teens


“This was a great class for my 8 year-old son. We have this game at home but never figured out how to play it. He loved it and had a lot of fun. He even asked me to pull it out to play right after we finished the class. It was appropriate for his grade level and is is a genius idea to promote reading and writing skills. Ms. Elkins is a very patient and professional teacher and was kind when she had to redirect my talkative son (haha oops!). We will definitely sign up for more classes offered by this teacher!” by Astrid T. on Apr 20, 2018 about Board Games Online: Once Upon a Time (Storytelling)


“My 14yo son took this class. He said “This class helped with teaching me creative writing as well as teaching me how to play Dungeons and Dragons. We learned as we played. It’s helped me think through developing characters and giving them a history and fleshing them out better. Writing our game play helped as well. I would recommend it to anyone that would enjoy role playing games as a way to learn creative writing and thinking.” This is a huge statement from my son as he has ASD and creative writing and thinking has always been a struggle for him. watching him get into the story was enjoyable. He has been trying to teach his siblings how to play now.” by Sarah J. on Apr 6, 2018 about Dungeons and Dragons: Using Role Playing Games for Education (Level 1)


“My son enjoyed this course. Nice teacher. Good class material.” by Nancy on Nov 8, 2017 about Character Education Series: Setting and Reaching Goals


ima.jpg“My 10yr old LOVED this class! The instructor did a wonderful job of interacting and egging with the kids – they giggled thoughout the session and didn’t want it to end. My daughter is now asking to take the class with her cousins (who live far away) and wants to take the upcoming zombie preparedness class. A huge hit, thank you much!!!” by Carmelle on Nov 16, 2017 about Board Games Online: Once Upon a Time (Storytelling) 


“My son Griffin enjoyed this class A LOT!! He loves reading story books and he loves making up stories. He had been looking forward to this storytelling class since I signed him up. And since he signed off the class, he has been asking when he can have a class again. It was truly a fun class and my son was so much into it!” by Xiao Y. on Nov 17, 2017 about Board Games Online: Once Upon a Time (Storytelling)

20170405_131633.jpg “Very nice teacher! The class was very good organised, like a picture book with lovely stories. My daughter enjoyed it very much. Now she knows how Christmas is celebrated around the world.” by Jennifer on Nov 18, 2017 about Christmas Around the World!


headshot.jpg “My 6yo loved loved loved this class! As soon as the class finished, she asked Ms. Elkins when she could do it again! If you have a child that needs another outlet for their myriad of stories (besides the family’s ears!), this is a fun way to for them to exercise their imagination and work collaboratively. They took turns between telling their own stories and creating a story together. If the students got stuck, Ms. Elkins would pitch in, but immediately stopped when another student got an idea to allow the student to share. It was great listening to the students’ ideas and creativity. I would suggest a parent write down your child’s stories so they can be remembered later. They can be used as a base for extension activities, like your child drawing pictures to the story and making their own book to read later.” by Renai R. on Nov 24, 2017 about Board Games Online: Once Upon a Time (Storytelling) 

bali.jpg“My 10 year old son loved this story telling game and is looking forward to doing it again.” by Abbiem on Dec 1, 2017 about Board Games Online: Once Upon a Time (Storytelling)


55782988-BE4F-4921-8413-D3FBEC4D42D8 “My 11 year old participated in this class and loved it. Ms. Elkins made it so much fun and educational. My daughter loved the interactions. She was encouraged to use her imagination which she enjoys. Thanks Ms. Elkins..” by B on Dec 13, 2017 about Board Games Online: Once Upon a Time (Storytelling)

IMG_0876.jpg “My eight year old son, who is not keen on crewing stories usually absolutely loved this class and is keen to do another one. Thanks so much!” by Caitlin H. on Dec 13, 2017 about Board Games Online: Once Upon a Time (Storytelling)



“My daughter enjoyed the stories of how other children celebrate Christmas around the world. The children had a chance to relate their lives to the those in the stories, too. It was a fun class for my 6yo!” by Renai R. on Dec 15, 2017 about Christmas Around the World!

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