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I’m a homeschooling mom of 3 (Audree-9, Nathaniel-5, Madeline-2), and a home daycare provider from Kentucky. I’ve been homeschooling for about 3 years, and realized there was a need for nontraditional schooling in my community. After sharing my lesson plans and activities with parents across the globe through social media, I was inspired to share them with you! Please send me a message to connect with ideas, or so I can answer any questions you may have. Most of my classes will take place on E-Lecta; you can see my E-Lecta classroom here:

What drives me as a teacher is using what learners are already interested in as a tool for education. I meet them where they are, and use their interests to teach them what they need to know in a way that makes them want to learn. I’m a huge geek, nerd, PC gamer (World of Warcraft–I’ve played since vanilla!), and tabletop/board gamer, so you’ll see this method applied in many of my classes such as Dungeons and Dragons, How to Create a Role Playing Game, my Hogwarts for Muggles series, Board Games Online series, Prodigy game based math courses, Modern Home Economics aka Adulting, or using an interest in Zombies to teach young people survival skills and more. I’m a firm believer that young people want to learn. It’s up to those of us teaching to make the material young people need to learn desirable and interesting. That’s exactly what I do in my classes! I also teach a series of Parent Workshops, designed to function as Professional Development for Teacher-Parents that cover a variety of topics.

Our classroom also has a class pet, Theodore!

I sometimes show him during class if students would like! I have a total of 8 guinea pigs (we also have a dog named Bear, a cat named Salem, a hamster named Fluffy, a leopard gecko named Slick, and a beta fish named Slime!) and love animals!

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If you need to schedule a meeting with me before, during, or after enrollment, please use my link. This is a free service I offer to all of my enrolled families. Sometimes, parent-teacher conferences are so helpful, and I love doing this!

I hope to see you soon!


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