Payment Plans

I understand quality education is expensive. To help alleviate this burden, I offer payment plans. Entering into a payment plan with me is committing your child to a seat in my classroom, and I’m happy to help families secure a seat!

  • Individual course fees must be $175 or more. You may request a payment plan for up to three courses at any given time. Once these three courses are paid in full, you may then request another payment plan, and choose up to three more courses for a new payment plan.
  • 25% of the total plus a $20 administration fee is due as a non-refundable retainer upon enrolling to save your child’s seat in the classroom. Due to limited availability of seating in my classrooms, I do not save seats without a retainer.
  • The remaining 75% is divided into three payments, each due on the 10th of the month for the next three consecutive months.
    • Example: You would like to enroll your child in two courses. One is $300; the other is $375, plus administration fee, for a total of $695. Your retainer is $168.75, plus $20 administration fee. Your remainder is $506.25, divided into three equal payments of $168.75 each.
  • Failure to pay all payments (retainer, and 3 remaining payments) in full on time (no later than midnight EST on the 10th of each month for three consecutive months following the retainer) results in forfeiture of any course fees already paid.
    • Example: Paying the retainer and no other payment forfeits the retainer; paying the retainer plus 1-2 other payments forfeits those payments in their entirety.
  • Forfeited payments are not applicable to future courses.
  • I will invoice you via Paypal. Payments will be made via Paypal.
  • No refunds are given at any time for payment plans.
  • There is no guarantee that a payment plan will be approved upon request.
  • Upon approval for a payment plan, you will be emailed a .pdf copy of these policies for you to read, fill out, sign, and return to me. I will then invoice you. You are contractually obligated to follow the policies outlined.

Agreement to enter into a payment plan with me is acceptance of these policies.


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