Board Games Online: Once Upon a Time (Storytelling)



This is a modified, non-competitive version of the card game that helps young learners understand storytelling by giving certain aspects, and encouraging participants to come up with details to complete the story.



This is a class based on the the tabletop card game Once Upon a Time which can be seen here: You do NOT need to purchase the game for this class; I have the game, and will present cards to each player.

For this version, I will draw cards in class for each participant. Each player will be given 2 cards from each of these categories: characters, things, places, aspects, and events, plus one ending card. Players will record the cards they’re given on the worksheet I’ve provided. I’ll start off telling my story using my cards, and then learners will follow suit and tell their stories using the elements on their cards, and adding in their own details to guide the plot toward the conclusion on the Ending Card. After everyone has told their stories, we will “draw” again, and this time, we will work on cooperative storytelling so that each person’s story follows another, and they go together as a collaborative work. This version does not include interrupt cards, as the focus is to aide in understanding oral storytelling. This is a really fun, low-pressure way to help struggling writers understand what is included in stories, or help learners who enjoy writing expand on their writing.


Wednesday, August 1 1pm-2pm EST