Cryptozoology: Big Foot, Nessie, and More!



Does your child ever wonder “what if?” What if Bigfoot was real? How could that knowledge change our lives? In this course, we will study Bigfoot and 11 other cryptids, draw comparisons between these creatures and familiar animals, discuss logic, and create our own cryptids!


Meets for 40 minutes once per week for 8 weeks.

The word cryptozoology means literally the “study of hidden animals”, those which some people believe are out there but science has yet to officially acknowledge. Think of Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. These mystery creatures (the animals, not your friends) are known as cryptids. Cryptozoology is about finding the big animals, those creatures that many of us believe can’t possibly have gone undiscovered for so long. Some are so bizarre that there must be a supernatural component to their existence. Some are believed to be real animals, yet to be discovered by science. This is a great way to help your children study the unknown. Logically, we haven’t seen these therefore we rule them out as absurd. Wouldn’t it be interesting if some of these fantastic tales of bizarre animals proved to be true? And that’s what makes a cryptozoologist get out of bed in the morning. We’re all interested in the possibility of the unknown, but they get out there and look for it.

In this course, we will discuss what makes a myth and a legend, and then research live in class each of the cryptids on our list. We will draw comparisons between zoologists and cryptozoologists and then study behavior, structures, and adaptations. Webquests will be provided, and videos, carefully curated links, and more for the 12 cryptids we will study. Each student will complete a research form during class, and then a newspaper article as homework if time is not permitted during our live class.


Anticipated Course Outline

Class 1: What is Cryptozoology and what are Cryptids?; Loch Ness Monster
Class 2: Bigfoot (Sasquatch); Chupacabra
Class 3: Tasmanian Tiger; Yeti (Abominable Snowman)
Class 4: Mothman; Thunderbird
Class 5: Mermaid; Giant Anaconda
Class 6: Megalodon; Maltese Tiger
Class 7: Kraken
Class 8: Create-A-Cryptid and Presentations


Wed Nov 7, 9am – 9:40am Eastern
Wed Nov 14, 9am – 9:40am Eastern
Wed Jan 9,  9am – 9:40am Eastern
Wed Jan 16, 9am – 9:40am Eastern
Wed Feb 6, 9am – 9:40am Eastern
Wed Feb 13, 9am – 9:40am Eastern
Wed Feb 20, 9am – 9:40am Eastern
Wed Mar 6, 9am – 9:40am Eastern
Wed Mar 13, 9am – 9:40am Eastern