Executive Function Skills for Adults



Do you need a more organized life? Maybe you’re frazzled and stressed, or constantly worrying about getting all.the.things.done. How would you like to figure that out in 12 weeks, and learn how to get a routine set that works for you and your family? Do you think you’d feel less stressed about homeschooling or life in general…if you had a handle on organization, planning, time management? Let me help you! My 1 hour parent workshop for Executive Functions was SO successful–but, I had many who asked for more support. I’m here to support you! Let’s work through it and get you functional and ready to go!


Meets for 70-90 minutes once per week for 12 weeks

These seven executive function skills are critical in managing everyday life and long-term goals:

  • Self-awareness: Simply put, this is self-directed attention
  • Inhibition: Also known as self-restraint
  • Non-Verbal Working Memory: The ability to hold things in your mind. Essentially, visual imagery — how well you can picture things mentally
  • Verbal Working Memory: Self-speech, or internal speech that people think of this as their “inner monologue”
  • Emotional Self-Regulation: The ability to take the previous four executive functions and use them to manipulate your own emotional state. This means learning to use words, images, and your own self-awareness to process and alter how we feel about things
  • Self-Motivation: How well you can motivate yourself to complete a task when there is no immediate external consequence
  • Planning and Problem Solving: Experts sometimes like to think of this as “self-play” — how we play with information in our minds to come up with new ways of doing something. By taking things apart and recombining them in different ways, we’re planning solutions to our problems.

If you’re curious if you could have Executive Functioning Weaknesses, please read my faq. You can also take the assessment here to see how much of an impact these weaknesses have.

Anticipated Course Outline


If you are ready to join us on a journey to a new, more organized life, welcome! Here is what you can expect during our 70-90 minute meeting each week for twelve weeks:

1. Check in: During this time, you will use a specific format I’ll introduce to jot down any worries, fears, or thoughts. We will discuss these and determine what the best course of action is. Sometimes, no action is needed; other times, swift action is needed but we are unsure how to begin. I will help you with this.

2. Review: We will discuss how our previous week’s assignment went for you. How successful were you in meeting your goals? Did you have any roadblocks? How did you plow through them? What did you do well? What do you wish you’d done differently?

3. Personal/Professional Goal Setting: Goals are important, but unless they’re attainable and structured correctly, they’re easily unreachable. We will tackle this by setting weekly personal and professional goals.

4. Introduction of a Skill: Each week, we will discuss one skill, and determine how we can apply this to each of our lives. We will work through difficulties associated with this.

5. Looking Ahead: We will discuss what needs to be completed for the coming week. Together, we will create a to-do list that’s manageable and thorough.

6. Closing: I’ll reiterate homework and assignments for the week. Any final thoughts will be brought here.

Parent Information

You are required to have a planner for this course. I recommend this one, which is the one I use, simply because it has daily goal setting, weekly/monthly/long-term personal and professional goal setting, an hour-by-hour breakdown for planning your day, and I believe having everything in one book makes it so much easier to keep up with everything you need and hold yourself accountable. Many of us use online calendars as well, which is great, but something on paper for goal-setting and other things we’ll do in this course is necessary. You can see photos in the review section of what each page looks like; please determine before we begin if this will work for you, or find a comparable alternative. If you need assistance finding one that works for you, please let me know and I’ll help!

You also will need a journal. You can use a regular notebook or something different. I need guidance, so I LOVE this one.


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