Executive Function Skills 101: Workshop for Parents




Meets once for 90 minutes-2 hours

Executive function is a set of mental processes that helps us connect past experience with present action. People use it to perform activities such as planning, organizing, strategizing, paying attention to and remembering details and managing time and space. There are specific strategies you can use to help children with executive dysfunction overcome or compensate for their difficulties. People of all ages can lack in executive skills.

To better understand and support your kids when they lack certain these skills, it helps to know about the underlying brain functions that go awry to create such challenges. This course is designed to explain executive functions in a clear, understandable way and to help you pinpoint the struggles your child might experience. It’s organized into three broad categories where executive skills come into play: learning; behavior and emotions; and social situations and relationships. I’ll present each section with tips for providing support and practice in specific skill areas. Even if your children don’t struggle with executive function, you may come to appreciate their executive skills and learn how to help them shore up those that need work! I’ve also found some parents have learned this course helped bridge the gap in what they lacked in executive function skills.

During this workshop, we will discuss the Executive Function skills mentioned above, do a short checklist to see where your child(ren) might need some work, and brainstorm how to help your children secure these skills. A handout with information I’ll be discussing will be provided before the workshop begins. You may want to bring note-taking paper and something to write with, and possibly a highlighter.

So, come have a cup of coffee or tea and let’s learn how to best help your child succeed!


Tuesday, August 17 7:15-9:15pm EST