Hogwarts for Muggles: Professor Burbage’s Muggle Studies



This Socratic-Style Harry Potter-themed geography course covers both physical geography and human geography while relating our key points and themes to the Wizarding World.


Meets for 40 minutes once per week for 10 weeks. 

In this course, I’ll use the HP world to help learners gain an understanding of both physical geography and human geography using a combination of slideshows, videos, printables, and oral presentation. It is NOT required that learners have read the books or seen the movies. If you’re looking for a fun, interactive, interesting, and comprehensive geography course, my course is here to help! Here are our Key Concepts:
-Introduction to Geography
-Physical Geography: The Earth and Landforms
-Physical Geography: Physical Systems
-Human Geography: Culture
-Human Geography: Government, Economics, and Religion
-Human Interactions with the Earth and Environment
-Choices have consequences.
-Individuals have rights and responsibilities.
-Societies are shaped by beliefs, idea, and diversity.
-Relationships between people, place, idea, and environments are dynamic.
-Societies experience continuity and change over time.

Anticipated Course Outline

Week 1: Branches of Geography; introduction to Maps (Marauder’s Map)
Week 2: Physical Geography: Physical Features-The Earth, water, and climate (Roundtable: What a magical world might be like)
Week 3: Physical Geography: Physical Systems-The Earth in space (orbit, rotation, revolution, relation) (Roundtable: How different might the Earth look from space if the Harry Potter world was real?)
Week 4: Physical Geography: Physical Systems-Natural Environment (ecosystems, forest, desert, grassland, mountain, aquatic) (Roundtable: What changes might the Wizard world have on physical systems?)
Week 5: Physical Geography: Physical Systems-Natural, renewable, and nonrenewable resources (Roundtable: Discussion of various resources in the Wizard world and how they’re similar to/different from Muggle resources)
Week 6: Human Geography: Culture-Development of culture; WebQuest research project during class (Roundtable: What is representative of the Wizard world culture?)
Week 7: Human Geography: Government, Economics, and Religion-Political systems (democracies, monarchies, dictatorships, oligarchies, military states ) (Roundtable: Which of these is most representative of Hogwarts, and why?)
Week 8: Human Geography: Government, Economics, and Religion-Economic Systems (Roundtable: Discussion of magical money, etc)
Week 9: Human Geography: Government, Economics, and Religion-Religion; WebQuest research project during class; during this class, learners will choose a religion to research at random. We will not encourage one another to subscribe to any belief system. This is purely to expose learners to the vast number of religions that exist, and how those relate to human geography. (Roundtable: Which of the religions we discussed might be the ones our characters would have chosen, and why?)
Week 10: Human Impact on the Earth and Physical Systems-Interconnectedness (significance of physical systems in supporting life, relationships between physical and human systems, human system impact on physical systems) (Roundtable: What impact did our characters have on the Muggle world, and the Wizard world?); Comprehensive Review and preparation for O.W.L. exam to be taken during class, time permitting.


Fri Oct 5, 10am – 10:40am Eastern
Fri Oct 12, 10am – 10:40am Eastern
Fri Oct 19, 10am – 10:40am Eastern
Fri Oct 26, 10am – 10:40am Eastern
Fri Nov 2, 10am – 10:40am Eastern
Fri Nov 9, 10am – 10:40am Eastern
Fri Nov 16, 10am – 10:40am Eastern
Fri Nov 30, 10am – 10:40am Eastern
Fri Dec 7, 10am – 10:40am Eastern
Fri Dec 14, 10am – 10:40am Eastern