Hogwarts for Muggles: Professor Flitwicks’ Charms



It’s no secret that grammar can be tough to grasp. It’s a bit easier if you use the magical wizard world of Harry Potter! During this course, we will use different entries from the Pottermore website to analyze grammar, sentence structure, and more.



Meets for 30 minutes once per week for 8 weeks. 

This is a great course for those who didn’t understand grammar previously, those who still get stuck, or those who have never studied grammar before. Our first 8 classes will be parts of speech and sentence structure introduction for those who are unfamiliar and review for those who have previously studied. Then, we will use our next class to combine what we’ve learned to write journal entries. Learners will use their favorite Harry Potter character as the “author” of a journal entry in past tense. Learners will then rewrite this in present tense, and then in future tense. We will read each learner’s entry aloud each time. I can read for those who would prefer to not read aloud. I’ll use a combination of slide shows, handouts, videos, and oral discussion to help learners gain a solid understanding of these topics. We will use different entries written by J.K. Rowling for each class, although we may revisit some of our previous entries if needed.

Anticipated Course Outline

Week 1: Nouns and pronouns
Week 2: Verbs and adverbs
Week 3: Verb tenses
Week 4: Adjectives
Week 5: Prepositions and Interjections
Week 6: Conjunctions
Week 7: Subject and Predicate
Week 8: Sentence types: (simple, compound, complex, compound/complex)
Week 9: Journal entry
Week 10: Comprehensive Review and preparation for O.W.L. exam to be taken during class, time permitting.


Fri Oct 5, 11am – 11:30am Eastern
Fri Oct 12, 11am – 11:30am Eastern
Fri Oct 19, 11am – 11:30am Eastern
Fri Oct 26, 11am – 11:30am Eastern
Fri Nov 2, 11am – 11:30am Eastern
Fri Nov 9, 11am – 11:30am Eastern
Fri Nov 16, 11am – 11:30am Eastern
Fri Nov 30, 11am – 11:30am Eastern
Fri Dec 7,  11am – 11:30am Eastern
Fri Dec 14, 11am – 11:30am Eastern