Hogwarts for Muggles: Professor Snape’s Potions Class



This chemistry course uses the Harry Potter series to help learners gain an understanding of the Periodic Table of Elements, chemical reactions, lab safety, and more, all followed up by some live Harry Potter inspired experiments!


Meets for 40 minutes once per week for 11 weeks.

At Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Potions is a required subject for students, from first year to fifth year. Potion recipes can be found in many books, including the books the students at Hogwarts use in their classes, but the intricacies of timing, ageing, stirring techniques, and bottling which are much more difficult to learn without the mentoring of the experienced masters. As your experienced Potions Master, I’m here to help! During this course, I’ll use a combination of printables, videos, slideshows, and more to aid in discussion and information presentation. Homework will be assigned as needed.

By the end of this course, learners will gain an understanding of how chemicals work when combined with one another, and where to find elements on the table. Once we have a solid grasp of the Periodic Table of Elements (PToE), both the Muggle and Wizard versions, we will move on to using the Scientific Method to form hypotheses before conducting experiments. No prior knowledge about the PToE is required for this course.

Handouts will be provided for classes as needed.

Additionally, basic lab safety gear (gloves, goggles, lab coat or something to protect clothing, etc) and glass jars (recycled is fine!) to use for experiments will be needed. Basic household ingredients will be used for these experiments.

Additional information

August 10-Sept 21 10am EST

Fri Aug 10, 10am – 10:45am Eastern
Fri Aug 17, 10am – 10:45am Eastern
Fri Aug 31, 10am – 10:45am Eastern
Fri Sep 7, 10am – 10:45am Eastern
Fri Sep 14, 10am – 10:45am Eastern
Fri Sep 21, 10am – 10:45am Eastern

Anticipated Course Outline

Class 1: Introduction to the Periodic Table: Origin and Anatomy
Class 2: Review; Periodic Table Scavenger Hunt; Introduction of Harry Potter (HP) potions
Class 3: What do our elements DO? Discussion of what elements might make up the HP potions
Class 4: Acids, Bases, and Chemical Reactions; Cabbage pH indicator
Class 5: Introduction to the Scientific Method
Class 6: Discussion about forming Hypotheses before conducting experiments; form hypotheses about what we think will happen during our experiments; homework assigned.
Class 7: Lab Safety; What Would Hermione Do? (review game over lab safety rules)
Class 8-11: During each of these classes, we will conduct experiments LIVE; a list of materials needed will be given in Week 7, after we have formed hypotheses. Many of these will be formulated to resemble HP potions.
Class 12: Comprehensive Review and preparation for O.W.L. exam to be taken during class, time permitting.


Tue Oct 2, 10am – 10:45am Eastern
Tue Oct 9, 10am – 10:45am Eastern
Tue Oct 16, 10am – 10:45am Eastern
Tue Oct 23, 10am – 10:45am Eastern
Tue Oct 30, 10am – 10:45am Eastern
Tue Nov 6, 10am – 10:45am Eastern
Tue Nov 13, 10am – 10:45am Eastern
Tue Nov 27, 10am – 10:45am Eastern
Tue Dec 4, 10am – 10:45am Eastern
Tue Dec 11, 10am – 10:45am Eastern
Tue Dec 18, 10am – 10:45am Eastern