Hogwarts for Muggles: The Psychology of Harry Potter



Have you ever wondered exactly why some of your favorite characters acted the way they did? Join me as our knowledge of Harry Potter joins forces with psychology!


Meets for 45 minutes per week for 4 weeks. 

Students will learn basic concepts across three areas of psychology including: social psychology, child development and learning. Using psychology articles, the characters and stories from the beloved J.K Rowling novels and other related reading materials, students will read and discuss concepts in resilience and adversity, resisting social influence, understanding psychological concepts of good and evil, scientific inquiry, learning styles and much more . Students should have read the Harry Potter books, or watched the movies before starting the class. There will be a weekly reading assignment along with writing reflection that the student will share in class. Reflections should be no longer than one page and can be a summary of the reading material or a reaction to the reading itself. Students can try to make comparisons between the theory introduced in the reading and the characters and themes in Harry Potter.

Anticipated Course Outline

Week 1: What is psychology?  Psychology at work; Social psychology, group pressure and conformity at Hogwarts and at home
Week 2: Child psychology, attachment style and resilience to adversity and how Harry Potter thrived
Weeks 3: Education psychology, learning styles and scientific inquiry at the Hogwarts school
Week 4: The psychology of good and evil what makes good people (and Wizards) bad


Wed Jan 9, 10:15-10:45am Eastern
Wed Jan 16, 10:15-10:45am Eastern
Wed Jan 23, 10:15-10:45am Eastern
Wed Jan 30, 10:15-10:45am Eastern