Microfiction: Fiction in a Flash!



As Shakespeare said, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Which translated into modern language means, “Everyone should write and read microfiction.” Come join me for this fun approach to writing!



Meets once for 60 minutes.

This fun creative writing class shows pre-teens and teens that an entire story can be written in just two sentences. A part of the brainstorming and writing process for many writers, a microfiction story is complete but can also be expanded. Good stories come in all shapes and sizes—all lengths and forms. If a novel can be thought of as a ten course meal, and a short story as an excellent deli-sandwich. A microfiction piece might be an exquisite chocolate truffle. All are food. All are enjoyable. But they’re each very different. Microfiction is a scrumptious, bite-sized nugget of a story. It packs big flavor and satisfaction into a small package.

As a writer, microfiction forces you to really look at your prose and determine what’s essential and what isn’t; what’s redundant and what isn’t. Honing these skills on microfiction can make your short story and novel-length prose that much sharper, but it’s also an art form of its own—a different medium for expression—as different from shorts stories as short stories are from novels. It’s fun to explore different story-telling media, and some writers find that microfiction is their medium of choice.

During this class, we will write four microfiction stories each of a different genre, a total of eight sentences total. This is actually much more difficult than it sounds! Learners can use this to create short stories for portfolio pieces, or even novels. I will begin with showing a short Prezi at the beginning of class, with information and examples. A dazzling alternative to Powerpoint, Prezi allows presenters to “zoom” to their next slide and the modern design captivates a pre-teen and teen audience. Learners will then write and present their stories. It’s always fun to hear what people can come up with when they only have two sentences!


This is a one-time class. Please indicate in the notes the section date in which you are enrolling.

Friday, August 3 1pm-2pm EST

Tuesday, August 7 2pm-3pm EST