Poetry 101: Elements-A Complete Unit




Meets for 45 minutes once per week for 10 weeks.

I’ve prepared a PowerPoint presentation that provides in-depth analysis of each of aspect of poetry. We will use this for each of the first 4 classes. Each of these classes will be followed up by a short handout completed and discussed during class. We will also write poems together. We will study the career, personal life, and legacies of poets Dickinson, Hughes, Frost, and Poe. For our research presentation, each student will choose a different poet to study and his/her poem dissect using what we’ve learned in class.

Anticipated Course Outline

Course Outline:
Week 1: Genres
Week 2: Forms
Week 3: Techniques
Week 4: Devices
Week 5: Poet Study: Emily Dickinson
Week 6: Poet Study: Langston Hughes
Week 7: Poet Study: Robert Frost
Week 8: Poet Study: Edgar Allan Poe
Week 9: Poetic Analysis and Review
Week 10: Student Research Presentations


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