The Salem Witch Trials: Socratic Method/Active Learning Course for Tweens/Teens



This is a great non-lecture, introductory course to the Socratic method and Salem Witch Trials for upper elementary and middle school age learners to gain an in-depth understanding of what happened in 1691-1692 Salem, and how we still see the influence today.



Meets for 40 minutes once per week for 4 weeks.

This course is not a lecture, and depends heavily on discussion! I’ll introduce the Socratic method to learners in the first class. Then, I’ll use slideshows, photos, videos, and slotted notes to help learners understand what the Salem Witch Trials were. We will tour the Salem Witch Museum, watch a documentary, and play a review game. In our final class, we will have a Reader’s Theater-style mock trial where learners act as as townsfolk to determine where lies the fate of the accused, and why. Students will have assigned homework (videos, virtual flashcards, and other fun activities) to reinforce what we learn in class. This particular course has been tailored to 10-15 year olds, but very mature younger learners may do well. Please contact me before enrolling if your child is younger than 10.

Anticipated Course Outline

Class 1: Slideshow chronicling the Trials; Introduction to the Socratic Method
Class 2: Virtual tour and discussion of the Salem Witch Museum; homework: Viewing the documentary In Search of History: Salem Witch Trials with slotted notes (great family activity!)
Class 3: Would you survive? Activity
Class 4: Jeopardy-style review game; Salem Witch Trials: Mock Trial