Welcome to Hogwarts!



Do you have a Harry Potter fan in your house? Complete with an Acceptance Letter to Hogwarts for each learner, this class is designed for those unfamiliar with the books, and those who are experts! Food, magic, lore and more–welcome to Dumbledore’s Army!


Meets once for 90-120 minutes.

One of my favorite quotes from Harry Potter is by Dumbledore: “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.” Many of my learners love this series, and this quote has really guided me and helped me not only as a teacher, but also as a person. I would LOVE to share what I’ve learned with your children! In this class, we will do just that.

Learners will need to create a free account to Pottermore.com to use during class. Learners may go ahead and get sorted, choose a wand, and discover their Patronus before class if they’d like, or we will do this during class. We will discuss what each house stands for, what the wands mean, and how a Patronus is used in the story.

We will also discuss a brief overview of each of the books and learners can add in their favorite parts if they’ve read the series or seen the movies. Learners are not required to have seen the movies or read the books prior to this class. The storyline will be introduced in a way that even those unfamiliar with the Wizard world will understand what we discuss and be able to contribute.

I’ll introduce the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to the learners, and we will then go over the different courses available at Hogwarts, and I’ll introduce my Outschool versions of these courses. I’ll also have free printables available in the Canvas classroom that we can complete in class that relate to my courses. Harry Potter Sudoku that’s from my Arithmancy class, positive self talk (defeating Dementors using your Patronus) from Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology: comparing Muggle herbs to Wizarding World herbs, a potions experiment straight from Snape’s Potions class, a fortune teller from Divination, and more!

We will discuss 35 different foods in the Wizarding world, and learners will even be able to create their own Harry Potter feast using the menu I provide! I will show photos of my version of the chocolate cake Hagrid gave Harry for his 11th birthday, including a recipe, which learners are welcome to recreate during class.

Learners will gain familiarity with my teaching style and interaction, and will see how I use the story of Harry Potter to teach things they need to know in ways that make them want to learn–a key component in education! This is a great way for reluctant learners to gain understanding of key concepts in various subjects while being immersed in a magical world, so it doesn’t feel like learning at all!

I’m a hardcore HP fan. As much as I love the Wizarding world, I LOVE using what already interests kids to teach them what they need to know even more! I came up with the original ideas for this series of classes many years ago, so I have an incredible amount of experience teaching them both in-person and online. Come learn all about the ways we can use Harry Potter and the Wizarding World to teach young people from the originator of the Muggle version of Hogwarts!


Thursday, August 9 10am-11:30 EST